Inside Self Storage

  1. Brooks Chadwick Capital LLC, a privately held real estate investment company, is seeking zoning approval to add a three-story self-storage facility to a mixed-use property it’s developing in Marietta, Ga. The company received the green light last fall to repurpose the 13.8-acre Mountain View Elementary School at 3448 Sandy Plains Road. The
  2. Self-storage developer The Natchez Group received preliminary approval in late December to build a new facility in Hendersonville, Tenn. The company is working with the city’s planning department to finalize the project design and hopes to break ground in the spring, according to a press release.
  3. First Neck Self-Storage Group LLC, a joint venture between asset-management and investment-advisory firm CSM Capital Corp. and real estate investment and management company Self-Storage Capital Partners (SSCP), has raised $50 million with the intent to acquire storage properties in primary and secondary markets. The funding round will be used to
  4. Update 2/5/18 – SSGT has formally acquired the newly constructed self-storage facility in Pembroke Pines. The SmartStop location is slightly smaller than originally announced, comprising 84,000 square feet in 870 units. The building configuration didn’t change, according to a press release. The project was completed last month.
  5. Update 2/5/18 – Several residents who could be impacted by the VentureSpace proposal to replace the former Prospect Hill Elementary School with self-storage and commercial condos spoke against the project last week. Those living near the site didn’t like the prospect of an industrial development in the neighborhood, according to the